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Roof Repairs and More | Residential

Each week we enjoy being challenged to deliver on all aspects of our abilities. Getting jobs that require a multitude of skills are always fun and this was one such job. When we received the call about these repairs we were excited to get out to the site to look at the required work that would be needed. After providing the customer with one of our FREE estimates they quickly agreed to the estimate and we scheduled work to be started as quickly as possible.

One of the first items on the list was the long hot water heater pipe needed to be modified.

This was a task that we wanted to make sure was done properly to avoid any issues down the line. Our guys got onto this quickly and delivered a outstanding repair.

The next part of the job was repairing some of the damaged fascia located around the house itself. There were multiple areas that needed to be taken care of and our team took care of these quickly as well.

We ended the day with a few roof repairs to get rid of some leaks and to replace damaged roofing. We utilized years of workmanship and delivered a quality repair that will be safe and sealed.

The team at Coastal Roofing and Construction love taking care of our customers and their concerns. This was another quality job that we were able to take care of safely and quickly while delivering quality repairs at a great price to our customer. We would love to be able to provide you and your family or even your business with the same level of care and support should you need. For all your Commercial and Residential construction or roofing needs please keep Coastal Roofing and Construction as your first call!