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La Mer | Commercial | Coastal Roofing and Construction

There aren’t many places in the world that are beautiful as downtown Corpus Christi. Having the ability to do work in downtown Corpus Christi and to do it with a view is a dream come true! The team at Coastal Roofing and Construction were honored to be called upon by the legendary La Mer Condominiums which are right by the water and the ever growing and changing downtown Corpus Christi. They wanted us to give the building a facelift and we could not have been happier to have been entrusted with this job.

One of the great things about bringing Coastal Roofing and Construction on board is the amount that is saved by the company not having to rent scaffolding. We keep our own scaffolding in our inventory and safety check it often to ensure that when we need it, it will be safe and ready to use on any project we may be asked to do.

Commercial jobs are always a bit more challenging then residential jobs just because of the amount of pre work that must be done before even the first piece of scaffolding can be placed. The office team is the backbone of our team and will handle everything before we hit the job site to ensure there is nothing that will slow down the machine once it’s going.

This job has proven to be a great experience for both our employees and our office staff. The backdrop of the bayfront is one of the most amazing things we have ever been able to experience. We love serving our customers in the Coastal Bend and love being able to enjoy our great area while working.

We would love to be able to safely create the repairs or construction that you need. Whether you need a commercial or residential repair the team at Coastal Roofing and Construction are ready to deliver. Please call us today and schedule our FREE estimate by clicking below!