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Helping in the Community

Whenever we get the chance to help in our community we always want to help in any way that we can. This past week we were contact by the Trouble Shooters of KZTV Channel 10 News. The following is the report as posted on their website. We were happy to help out our small community here and were pleased to still be able to assist in anyway that is possible.

“CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — We have another Troubleshooters Case Closed to share with you.The stairs leading to Orlanda Hinojosa’s house in Sinton weren’t safe for her or anybody else for that matter. The handrail was loose and unstable.And when you got inside, you had to be careful not to trip over the part in the floor that was buckling. Hinojosa said she’d already fallen because of it. Also, she said her ceiling leaked.San Patricio County Commissioner Sonia Lopez told the Troubleshooters that because of COVID-19 and the big February freeze, there just weren’t any programs available to help Hinojosa. So she reached out to us for help.Since our story aired, Lopez says the response has been overwhelming.On Saturday, November 6, the staircase and handrails were completely rebuilt. The floor inside that was buckling was also repaired.”

@KZTV Action 10 News

Thank you to all who helped make this possible, it was an honor for us to assist in these repairs for this family. The heart of our community is it’s members and we are proud to serve the Coastal Bend and all surrounding areas.